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“When I came to see Angela I was not in a good place. I was lacking confidence and needed to deal with my trauma. Angela worked fantastically with me. She was caring, kind and she helped me through each step in a loving way. I looked forward to all my visits. She was extremely encouraging and non judgmental. I have come so far from when I first started with Angela! I am confident, happy and can deal with life as it presents itself. Also I have set new goals for myself.I would highly recommend coming to see Angela. She will help you get through your stuff and get you to a better positive place. She won’t give up on you and will know when you are still needing to get to a better place, and get through till it’s gone.When you are being helped by Angela, it’s equally exciting for her and you can tell by her beautiful smile!”

- Mona, Ancaster, ON

"When I came to Angela, I was feeling really unsure and unsettled about certain goals I wanted to achieve. Angela was great at explaining what we were doing and going back again to a belief if it was not fully cleared the first time. She was patient and did not rush me but instead gently prompted me. I feel clear of my shame and guilt that I carried from my past and am able to work towards my goals. I highly recommend the NLP process and encourage you to work with Angela. She is very knowledgeable, warm and positive in her use of this therapy"

- Cheryl V.E., Guelph, ON

"I was very depressed and anxious when I got here. Now when I look back, I can’t remember why I ever felt that way. I’m happy, healthy and well. I have overcome many issues and I feel at peace with myself and God. I am a changed person! I have tools to help me through every issue I face through life now. I am grateful for Angela and the work she does, my life has changed for the better. I really hope that whoever reads and needs this help considers her coaching. It is life changing! This is a gift to us all."

- B.A., Guelph ON

"I did not realize how much my interpretations of the past were holding me back in my life, work and relationships.  Feelings took a strong hold of me when it came to what I believed about myself and how I made decisions before I discovered NLP Coaching. In working with Angela I was able to let go of negative feelings and decisions about past incidents.  I have since had tremendous openings in my relationships and with myself.

I found Angela to be knowledgeable, experienced, patient, resourceful and a pleasure to interact with. She offered extremely valuable insights and tools and I felt seen and understood for how I operate in the world. I am very grateful I discovered Angela and NLP and I have already recommended others to invest in her coaching sessions."

- Paula, Guelph, ON

"When I first came to see Angela I was at the lowest I had been in a long time. I was full of pain and full of self. I did not know where to turn. This approach was different in HOW Angela approached me. I did have fear the first day, but after the 1st session I started to relax knew this was something different, something I had never done before. I left feeling- this was going to work!

My life is totally different! Self pity has changed to self care. I have a better outlook on life, but most importantly this has enhanced my spiritual growth. I’ve had burning in my body since I was 43. I lived with the burning daily up till now. My burning has subsided, it’s at a point where I barely notice it. I highly recommend Angela, I’ve had a lot of counseling, but this was totally different. Going back to my childhood was a totally different experience. I struggled all my life to grow up and be the child God wanted me to be.... and I’m there!"

- Sheila, Guelph, ON

"Before I met with Angela I felt like there was a heavy burden on my shoulders. I was always asking for lighter burdens and consistently feeling angry. I was apprehensive at first, but the moment I walked into her office I felt comfortable and safe. I didn’t feel guilty or shameful for the difficulties I was facing. Working with Angela has unlocked a part of me I didn’t know existed! I feel empowered and in control of my life after having gone through a Breakthrough. Today I have broad shoulders, as I have tools and know how to navigate life today! Thank you a million times Angela!"

- K.M., Guelph, ON

"Before I started working with Angela, I had a lot of stress in my life. One of these things was often feeling intimidated by my husband in some situations, I would get this terrible feeling of dread and anxiety, feelings that I was worthless, that I didn’t have a voice. I also had feelings of anxiety just thinking about being around my mother. I’ve had counselling before, but it didn’t help me like Angela’s coaching. I found Angela to be very patient, encouraging and gentle with her approach. When she worked with me I didn’t feel judged, just understood! Things from my past made sense for how I was! She taught me coping strategies in certain situations, how to focus on other things when I felt anxiety. Now I no longer feel like a “lesser person “, I can use the tools she showed me. I have visited my brother who lives close to my mother and have no anxiety about bumping into my mother. Life is good! I highly recommend Angela and her coaching, you will learn so much about yourself! All is done with love! I am more confident today!

Thank you Angela for all you do!"

- Mathilda, Guelph, ON

"Hello, my name is Joseph. I was in a very fragile place before I approached Angela. I truly needed help to shine some light on the dark and upsetting experiences in my life. Angela helped me understand my past and helped me make peace with it. The work we did together has lead me to a place of contentment and clarity. I am thankful for Angela and her skills. I highly recommend her help! "

- Joseph , Guelph ON

"Angela is an incredible practitioner and coach. She was so patient, yet fun to work with! I was able to let go of A LOT of my negative emotions, and now I feel absolutely incredible!I am now filled with confidence, drive and happiness. I am able to control how I react to my environment,opposed to falling victim for what I thought was happening "to" me . I have created SMART goals with Angela, and she has been following up to keep me accountable! Angela is just awesome!"

- J.V., Cambridge, ON

" Working with Angela was a pure pleasure.  Her kindness, warm approach and non-judgmental attitude allowed me to express myself fully and seek healing with an over consumption of pornographic material.  Since her dedicated intervention with me, my relationship with this habit has significantly reduced and has a lot less shame attached to it.  Thank you Angela."

- Anonymous, Guelph ON

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