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Cancer free as of June 22, 2018!

In the fall of 2017, I was diagnosed with a stage 4 tumor in my small and large intestines. I felt angry and devastated. By clearing my trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs through the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I was able to get into and maintain a positive state, which enabled me to make positive choices and decisions regarding my health. Ultimately, I believed I would be cancer free, and I am!

Do you know someone, maybe even yourself who has been diagnosed with cancer…. who is now feeling overwhelmed or anxious with their diagnosis or prognosis?


The main problem is that most cancerous tumors are caused by trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and the medical community does not address these! This is a critical part to healing.

After the diagnosis, you want to be healthy and cancer free as soon as you can, in order to do what you are meant to in life. Imagine being able to let go of the trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs in literally hours, allowing your immune system to take on cancer 100%! Imagine getting a …you are cancer free…. diagnosis in months.

I would love to discuss with you how I can support you on your cancer journey.

Regards, Angela


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