Angela Vanderwoude

Master NLP Coach

The only Certified faith based

Neuro-Semantics Coach

in Canada



Complimentary Consultation

Do you have negative feelings such as anxiety, anger or guilt? Are you feeling overwhelmed with a medical diagnosis or problematic relationship? NLP techniques WILL get you into a positive place! Let's chat for 30 minutes to learn how NLP Coaching can serve you.

10-12 Hour

Session Package

Book five 2 hour NLP Coaching sessions to achieve a breakthrough in any area of your life where you feel stuck. 

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NLP stands for neurolinguistic programming. It’s the way people combine perception, thought and action to get the results they want.


NLP is a description of how human beings work: they perceive information through their senses, use language to give it meaning, and remember it by storing it in patterns. When you think better, you make better choices and develop better skills. NLP is a natural, straight-forward way to understand how choices get made and results get created.


 “Neuro” refers to the information that comes in through your senses and is stored in your brain and body. The “linguistic” is for the words you choose to give meaning to what you notice or what you want. The “programming” is for the way you combine what you observe, what you think and what you do to generate satisfying results.

After my own healing journey from divorce and stage 4 cancer, I have discovered the power of NLP. This has led to my own training and launching of my business in January 2019. As an experienced NLP Coach and practitioner, and the only certified faith based Neuro-Semanics Coach in Canada, I support individuals with unhealed emotions, using a Spiritual lens. 



"I did not realize how much my interpretations of the past were holding me back in my life, work and relationships.  Feelings took a strong hold of me when it came to what I believed about myself and how I made decisions before I discovered NLP Coaching. In working with Angela I was able to let go of negative feelings and decisions about past incidents.  I have since had tremendous openings in my relationships and with myself.

I found Angela to be knowledgeable, experienced, patient, resourceful and a pleasure to interact with. She offered extremely valuable insights and tools and I felt seen and understood for how I operate in the world. I am very grateful I discovered Angela and NLP and I have already recommended others to invest in her coaching sessions."

- Paula, Guelph, Ontario




834 Gordon St  |  Guelph, Ontario  |  N1G 1Y9


"Change your thoughts

and your thoughts change your world" 


Norma Vincent Peale



834 Gordon St  |  Guelph, Ontario  |  N1G 1Y9